A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Chocolate Candy

Chocolate candy is the ideal gift for any holiday, birthday or special event. Besides Valentine’s Day, chocolate candy is also a great gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Chanukah, as well as, events at work, school or in the community. The great thing about chocolate candy is that the presentation is just as important as the candy itself, so you don’t have to spend a lot on candy or baskets – it just takes imagination.

Spend a Little More on the Packaging Than the Chocolate Candy

Unless the recipient is a total food snob, really any chocolate would do: you don’t have to go to the gourmet shop and spend a bundle on lucious truffles, when supermarkets and drugstores often offer great selections. There’s nothing better than a Hershey’s Kiss or a bar of Lindt chocolate – all at very affordable prices.

Because chocolate candy can be so inexpensive, you can splurge a little and go a bit crazy on how you present the candy. A theme is always a fun idea, so buying chocolate balls wrapped in cellophane to look like baseballs or basketballs is an excellent way to please the sports fan in your life. Using a plastic baseball helmet, or a toy football helmet and filling them with sports-themed chocolate candy is a great idea.

If you have a cat lover in your life, then another fun idea would be to take chocolate candy wrapped in cellophane as cats, and fill up a cat bowl. The same idea would work for a dog lover, too. Or you can get chocolate fish and fill up a small fish bowl.

A Chocolate Fruit Salad

Another great idea that would fit into a theme, would be to seek out fruit-covered chocolates, chocolate-covered fruit peels and marzipan fruit and assembling a fruit chocolate salad. Orange-flavored choclates sometimes are sold in sections, like real oranges, so taking care to make your fruit salad as if it were made of real fruit, and not chocolate candy is where the imagination and creativity come into play.

Remember the Chocolate Candy and Your Imagination

Thinking of witty or whimiscal baskets is part of the pleasure someone gets when getting a gift of chocolate candy. Saving seasonal fare is great and reusing it for another occasion. For example chocolate hearts and chocolate lips normally reserved for Valentine’s Day would work in a romance-themed basket during any year.

Geld can also be used outside of Chanukah: chocolate pumpkins are appropriate for a centerpiece with a chocolate turkey during Thanksgiving. Just remember to have fun, and have the recipient in mind when thinking of a theme for your basket.




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