Cadbury World: A Disney Word for the Cadbury Chocolate Fan

Cadbury World is an excellent place for fans of the Cadbury chocolate to go and learn about the history of the world-famous chocolate company, as well as, enjoy learning about what goes into making a Cadbury chocolate. Like from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, guests can tour the Birmingham site where the Cadbury brothers started their famous chocolate company, whose fame is rivaled perhaps only by Hershey’s.

The History of the Cadbury Chocolate, Along with the History of the Chocolate

The most interesting aspect about Cadbury World is that not only does the attraction teach about the history of the company, but about chocolate itself, including in part of an exhibit called the Aztec Forest. Also including is the history of the cocoa bean and its importance to the economy and culture, as well as, the evolution of chocolate.

In the UK, Cadbury chocolate is an institution, and as such, it’s not surprising that the historical site is now an attraction (the only UK attraction devoted to chocolate). As seen in books, films and television the Cadbury chocolate is a part of the cultural landscape of the UK (the Bridget Jones films and books are practical commercials for Cadbury), and Cadbury World also displays the impact on television and commerce that Cadbury has produced.

The How-To

Reminiscent of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucille Ball frantically cups chocolate, Cadbury World gives the visitors a peek of how the chocolates are made. There’s an interactive theater that features a narrator robot, Flexa6, that describes the process of the packaging of the Cadbury chocolates.

A Full-Service Theme Park

Cadbury is a full-day theme park, and there are services for visitors, including special facilities for visitors of diverse needs, a restaurant (that serves more than just chocolate), as well as, shopping Seeing-eye dogs are allowed, and even though, for health reasons, the animals aren’t allowed where the chocolate is produced, there are dog-sitters available.

There are several tiered rates. Starting at £12.50 for adults and £9.50 for children from 4 – 15 (children under 4 tour for free). There are also season passes called passports for £32.50 that will allow visitors to come during the year (though reservations are still needed).

A great fun and educational trip for chocoholics every, the Cadbury World offers a glimpse of a UK-institution for visitors.

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