Your Valentine’s Day Party Would Not Be the Same without a Cherub Chocolate Centerpiece

Like ice sculptures (only less messy), a cherub chocolate centerpiece is a great (and delicious) conversation starter for any Valentine’s Day party. Finding the right supplier is important, because you don’t want your guests to munch on a cherub chocolate centerpiece that is hideous and unrecognizable. The best kind of chocolate cherub is the adorable, diapered baby with fluttering wings. Shopping around for caterers and suppliers is the best way to find a chocolate cherub centerpiece that will bring pleasure to all your guests.

Go with a Reputable Pastry Maker

Whether it’s for a wedding or a romantic dance, a cherub chocolate display, must be handled by a pastry maker or chef that you can trust. The worst thing that can happen is for someone to approach your centerpiece and ask “What is that?”

Having an angel-themed party is another great way to use a cherub chocolate centerpiece. The cool thing about an angel-themed party is that you can also use chocolate cherubs in other parts of the party (i.e. bite size cherubs as favors), as well as, angel-food cake with cherubs on the top tier.

Cherubs Aren’t Just for Valentine’s

Along with weddings, cherubs are also appropriate for other kinds of parties and events, including baby’s births, New Years or a mythology-themed event.

For New Years, along with your centerpiece (for an extra added bonus, have the chef make a banner with the year being welcomed), there could be tiny favors of small chocolate cherubs, emblazoned with the New Year. An interesting twist, would also have the centerpiece have an older Father Time figure with the year ending. Unlike the romantic cherubs of Halloween, the New Year’s cherub chocolate centerpiece would be jaunty and even have a top hat.

A baby’s first birthday is another time when using a chocolate cherub centerpiece is a great idea, because at such a young age, the majority of the guests will be adults, and what parent doesn’t believe his child is a cherub. Like an angel-themed party, having cherubs festooned in honor of a child’s birth would convey the sense of joy and happiness, as well as, the innocence and purity of a newborn child. The cherub centerpiece will be adorable, and the guests will be able to coo and awe over the cute symbol of love and affection.

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