There’s Nothing More American than a Gift of Your Friend’s Favorite Chocolate Bars

For Christmas last year, my friend struck gold with an idea – a hamper full of an assortment of my favorite chocolate bars – old classics and esoteric brands that are still under the general public’s radar. The great thing about this gift was that everyone could share and find something they like in the basket. Getting a large sampler of chocolate bars is a fun nostalgic way of remembering childhood trips to the candy stores (“Do you remember Cow Tails?”), as well as, introducing newbies to new brands not completely established yet (one of my friends never heard of 100 Grands).

The Theme Is the Gift Itself, So Don’t Worry About Clashing Chocolate Bars

The beauty of this gift idea is that there’s very little thought behind it (so if you’re struggling for a last minute idea, this one would be perfect). A mad dash in your local grocery store would suffice. The most work you’re going to do is with the presentation and wrapping; my friend used a hamper – a great idea, because when you’re done with your chocolate bars, then you can use the hamper for storage (or laundry).

Seeking out less-popular chocolate bars is a good way to get your friend to try something new, and possibly find a new favorite snack for her. Looking for regional fare, or maybe something ethnic is a good way to start – chocolate bars from European countries like Germany or England are fun, because it’s also a lesson on culture (and the parallels of marketing).

While living in London, I collected my friend’s favorite chocolate bars and mailed them to her – they most probably tasted the same, but the packaging was different, and so she appreciated the novelty of the differences (even though she at the chocolate, she saved the wrappers – after washing them). Another great reason for looking to foreign chocolate bars is that you can also learn of what’s popular and what can sell in a European market versus an American market (this is true with all kinds of snack foods).

This won’t be the healthiest gift you’ll ever give, but offering a gallery of popular chocolate bars will be a gift that’ll be heartily appreciated. Remember to keep the presentation nice (another friend of mine failed in this respect when giving me for Christmas a selection of chocolate bars in a plastic bag). And if you have mutual dentist friends, they’ll appreciate your gifts, as well.

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