The Novelty Of Chocolate Coins

Ever since cocoa beans were discovered, the use and the products made from cocoa beans have been considered as a valuable commodity. The Aztecs made a drink from the cocoa bean and was deemed as so valuable that the Spanish Conquistadors traded cocoa beans for Aztec gold.

After the cocoa bean was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus, the aristocrats endeavored to keep the cocoa bean, and the chocolate product derived from the cocoa bean, a secret from the commoners. How fitting that in later years chocolate, made from the cocoa bean, should be circulated in packaging that resembles money.

What Are Chocolate Coins?

A chocolate coin is a quantity of chocolate that is wrapped in colored metallic like foil that resembles the colors of coin currency. For example the foil may be gold in color to resemble a gold coin or maybe silver in color to resemble a silver coin.

The chocolate within the coin is completely edible. By simply removing the foil that the coin is wrapped in, a wonderful treat is enjoyed.

Uses Of Chocolate Coins

The quality and cost of these coins range over the entire spectrum. Some coins are very inexpensive and can be purchased in a large quantity. For example a bag of chocolate coins can be purchased and may prove to be a perfect gift for a youngster. However the quality of chocolate, in this type of purchase, can prove to be poor. On the other hand, there are chocolate coins that are manufactured using the finest chocolate available and are packaged with great care using the chocolate coin concept.

There are a variety of uses for chocolate coins. When wishing to give an extraordinary gift a chocolate coin can be made that will reflect a specific logo, letter of the alphabet or other type of embossed symbol that can be created by a press. In addition, both sides of the coin can be pressed with individualized imprints. Examples of embossing that could be reflected on the chocolate coin’s foil, as well as imprinted into the chocolate, would be an anniversary date, birthday, graduation date, and individual’s initials, specific words, etc.

Chocolate Coin Styles

In addition to the typical colors of gold and silver, other colored foil can be used to commemorate special holidays of the year. For example the chocolate coin could be festively wrapped with Christmas colors such as red or green.

In keeping with the chocolate theme, the coins are generally packaged together and placed into a money pouch in keeping with the coin theme. Also, to maintain the theme on the value, the coins may be placed into a valuable looking container such as a strong box or safe.

Finally, different style imprints can be placed upon the foil and impressed into the contained chocolate. This process is accomplished by the manufacturer through the use of imprinting the coin with a metal dye. Some common imprints are thematic which can include various special days, events and other celebrations.

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