Making A Batch Of Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate is a wonderful treat that can be eaten in many forms and in many variations. Some of those forms can be chocolate that is filled with peanut butter, strawberries that are dipped in chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate covered nuts, etc.

Another variation, which combines chocolate with a healthy snack, is chocolate covered pretzels. Chocolate covered pretzels are fairly straightforward to make and require certain ingredients and the following of simple directions.


To make a batch of chocolate covered pretzels it is best to gather together the needed products and tools that will aid in making your delicious creations. The ingredients needed are at least a package of white, dark or milk chocolate. A package containing 12 ounces of chocolate should suffice. Prior to preparing your batch of chocolate covered pretzels, break down, if needed, the chocolate into small pieces. This will aid in the liquefying process.

In addition to the chocolate, you will need two tablespoons of shortening and around eight ounces of pretzels. The cooking tools you will need are a heat resistant mixing pot, cookie sheet, regular fork and waxed paper or aluminum foil.


Having all of the ingredients available along with the baking tools, you are now ready to begin making your batch of chocolate covered pretzels.

First of all, take the mixing pot and add the pieces of chocolate along with the shortening. Place the pot containing the ingredients into water that is hot or over a burner of the stove that is set on warm. As the chocolate begins to liquefy, stir the mixture until the chocolate is smooth in appearance like a thick chocolate soup.

Once this stage has been reached, you are now ready to dip the pretzels into the chocolate. Taking one pretzel at a time set the pretzel on top of the liquid chocolate and with a regular fork nudge the pretzel just beneath the chocolate surface. Once this “dunking” has occurred use the fork to lift the pretzel out of the mixture. To remove the excess chocolate off of the pretzel, simply move the fork up and down gently for a number of times to shake off the chocolate that is not needed. Then simply place the chocolate covered pretzel on to the lined cookie sheet.

Continue this process for the remaining pretzels. Once the sheet has been fully lined with pretzels, place the pretzels in the refrigerator to allow the chocolate to firm. The chocolate covered pretzels only need to be in the refrigerator for a maximum of 20 minutes. You will know that the process is complete when the chocolate covered pretzels give the appearance of being dull and not glistening.

The completed batch of chocolate covered pretzels may be served or stored in a container that is designed to keep the air out.

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