Isn’t It Romantic? And Delicious! Great Variations on the Chocolate Covered Strawberry

During Valentine’s Day, shop window shelves groan under the weight of a favorite holiday treat: the chocolate covered strawberry. The classic way of dipping the large berry in chocolate and letting it dry is impeccable, but now there are other ways to enjoy a chocolate covered strawberry, that allow for the artist in you (as well as, the romantic) to shine. Just remember to use nice, large strawberries, and also that these don’t keep for very long (nothing’s quite as memorable as the cringe that comes from biting into a strawberry that’s turned to wine).

Zebras, Penguins, Tuxedos and Other Great Ideas for a Chocolate Covered Strawberry

If you want to get creative with a chocolate covered strawberry (read: difficult), just remember that it will be difficult, because your canvas isn’t very large, or regular-shaped. Practicing on some before the final product is a smart (and tasty) idea.

The tuxedo is a clever way to mix both white and dark chocolate; tuxedos are romantic – they connote marriage. It’s best to dip the strawberry in dark chocolate and letting it cool completely. Then using a small pastry brush paint a white triangle – pointing toward the pointy end of the strawberry: this will the be the dress shirt.

Using a skewer (or even a toothpick, dot the triangle with three black spots (the buttons). Finally paint a black butterfly shape for the bowtie. And there you have a very well dressed chocolate covered strawberry. Making a chocolate covered strawberry penguin is really exactly the same, except make your white triangle reach to the bottom of the strawberry, and don’t add buttons or a bowtie (unless your penguin’s very dapper)

A similar idea can be used for your zebra chocolate covered strawberry, except, dip the berry in white chocolate, and with a pastry brush, paint on the stripes with dark chocolate. Look at a picture of a zebra, to get the best-looking stripes (they often branch out, instead of being straight lines.

Other Ingredients, Besides Chocolate

Like taffy apples, a good chocolate covered strawberry doesn’t need to only have chocolate. While still wet, you can sprinkle chopped nuts, and let the chocolate set with them imbedded. Rolling a wet chocolate covered strawberry in nonpareils will give you the biggest, sweetest Snowcap ever. Also alternating dark chocolate and caramel on a white chocolate covered strawberry is a good idea to highlight the contrasting colors.

If you really want to be creative, you can also roll a wet chocolate covered strawberry in minced dried strawberries. And again, remember, to make the strawberries day-of, because they definitely do not keep well.

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