It Can Be More Than Just Chocolate: Fun Ideas for a Great Chocolate Fondue

At a party recently, a guest crowed “You put the ‘fun’ in fondue!” While the pun may have been corny, the sentiment reflects how popular chocolate fondue is. It can be a cozy snack on a winter day, with your friends and you huddled around a chocolate fondue pot, watching the chocolate boil. You can mix things around a bit, by mixing things into your fondue. The classic chocolate, of course is great, but wowing your guests with some clever combinations and recipes doesn’t always hurt.

With These Ideas for Chocolate Fondue, Your Guests Will Always Ask for ‘Smore

‘Smores, the perennially popular campsite snack adapts itself wonderfully with chocolate fondue. While melting your chocolate, also had some marshmallow, letting it melt and ribbon into the mixture – not only is it delicious, but it’s also a nice image. Dip pieces of graham cracker into the hot mixture and enjoy!

Fruit Goes Great with Chocolate Fondue

The most popular food to go with chocolate fondue is fruit – a great idea to take things a bit further would be to add fruit-flavored syrup to your fondue. This would work best with dark chocolate (milk chocolate is very sweet, so the added sugar of the fruit syrup might make things a bit too rich). Syrups for coffee or desserts work fine with a chocolate fondue, and the combination of real fruit, the chocolate and the fruit flavoring is too irresistible to pass up.

In Time for the Holidays, Adapt Your Chocolate Fondue with Seasonal Flavors

A chocolate fondue would be a great idea for a Christmas party. Peppermint syrup is a great additive – simply have guests dip candy canes into the sweet and refreshing mixture. Adding eggnog to a chocolate fondue is also a great seasonal idea. Putting espresso and cinnamon also gives your fondue a special flavor – and using pound cake or bundt cake, instead of fruit is also a nice variation on this simple entertaining idea.

Chocolate Fondue: Just for the Grown-Ups!

If you’re entertaining an adults-only gathering, adding liquor to your chocolate fondue is also a great way to spice up the basic dessert. Using chocolate liquor is okay, as long as you’re using dark chocolate, but branching out and using spirits or rum is also good – just don’t use beer or wine, which will taste awful melted into chocolate. The alcohol won’t cook all away, because of the relatively low heat, so while you probably won’t get drunk (or even buzzed) it’ll still give you a nice warm feeling.

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