Sephra: The Best in Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Having a chocolate fondue fountain at a party will make your event the memorable event of the season; you don’t have to rent a fountain, however. Sephra, a California company, markets a chocolate fondue fountain for the home. Instead of renting, you can own your own fountain for entertaining in your own home.

You Can Choose From a Variety

Sephra offeres a variety – though the models of the chocolate fondue fountain are still pretty consitent, with variances. They run fro m 16” to 19” tall, and can serve from 20 people to 40 people, depending on the model you choose.

Starting from the larger models of the fountain, from 18” to 19” also come with 4lbs of Sephra signature chocolate to use in your fondue fountain. All the models come with skewers for the fruit, cookies, pound cake or whatever kind of food you decide to use.

Sephra also boasts of its larger models, the Signature and the Elite, that they have removable basins that are easy to clean. All four models have tiered assembly (which when turned on, makes the fountain look like a large wedding cake). The chocolate fondue fountain from Sephra also includes the patented WhisperQuiet motor, that purrs quietly while your chocolate fondue fountain is working (to avoid distraction at your party).

How Much Does a Chocolate Fondue Fountain Cost?

The at-home chocolate fondue fountain isn’t very expensive, and when factoring in the money you’d save by having one at home, instead of having to rent, really the price of the product will eventually pay for itself. The smallest fountain, a 16” Select model retails at $99.99. Billed as the “Little Brother” of Sephra’s standard model, this is the ideal fountain for the private at-home use, as it can serve around 20 people. The rates go higher for the larger models, up to $399.99, for the 19” Signature Fondue Fountain.

More Than Just Chocolate Fondue Fountains

Sephra, besides supplying some of the highest quality fountains, also sells chocolate, and other food products to use with your fountain. They offer three kinds of Belgium chocolate: dark, milk and white. Rates start at $23.99 for a 4lb box. There is also the less expensive Sephra Premium brand of chocolate that goes for $19.99 for a 4lb box, as well.

Along with chocolate, Sephra also sells Belgian marshmallow. Available in three varieties are: plain cubes, Marshmallow Jammies (with strawberry filling) and Twists (multi-colored twists).

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