A Chocolate Fountain is the Kind That Everyone Will Want to Jump In

A chocolate fountain centerpiece is the perfect accent to your party. Guests can enjoy their fruit with high quality chocolate spilling over. The fountain looks like a wedding cake, getting a chocolate fountain in milk chocolate and a chocolate fountain with white chocolate would also had an interest contrast at your next wedding or birthday event.

Like Hertz, You Can Rent a Chocolate Fountain

There are lots of opportunities for partygoers to rent a chocolate fountain for their next party. You can buy a chocolate fountain, though the cost can be high (some retail for over $2,000), and realistically, how many times will you use a chocolate fountain?

There are sites on the Internet that offer rentals for chocolate fountains. The best idea, however, is to actually visit a supplier and see the fountains for yourself – you’ll want to know the height of the fountain, and how will it look when it’s running. It’s an impressive site, and the taller the fountain the cooler it’ll look for the guests. Along with the chocolate fountain, you will also have to buy the chocolate (the good news is that you can buy it in bulk), as well as, the fruit that will be used to the dip in the fountain.

The Slight Debit of the Chocolate Fountain

There is, of course, one almost glaring debit to having a chocolate fountain at a party: hygiene. I personally never eat out of a chocolate fountain at a convention, business meeting or at a party with too many people. People will often “double dip” and though there’s lots of chocolate that gets pumped, it still is best to have a chocolate fountain at a more intimate event, such as a small cocktail party, or a wedding or bar mitzvah where you’re only having close friends and family.

A Shimmering Cake

Hygiene notwithstanding, having a chocolate fountain is great because of the appearance. Like a large shimmering, multi-tiered cake, the fountain will illicit comments from the guests. Like a fruit punch fountain, or a champagne fountain, the chocolate fountain is a great conversation piece. So when planning your next wedding or birthday party event, it’s a great idea to speak to the event coordinator about a fountain, as well as, speaking with a chef or a caterer about what kind of edibles are best served by the fountain.




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