Throw Away That Plain Old Bunny Rabbit! Original and Unique Chocolate Molds for Your Next Family Gathering

Choosing the right chocolate molds for your party can mean the difference between having your party talked about in glowing terms, or having your party be forgotten like yesterday’s boring news. Finding chocolate molds that are fun and interesting enough will make your candy look too good to eat. Work with a theme, or just make an assortment, but using chocolate molds can add sophistication, class or fun to your serving platter.

Chocolate, Like People, Come in All Shapes

If you have a music lover in your life, then making a platter with chocolates molded like instruments or music notes is an interesting idea – a musical theme with your chocolate molds would also be very appropriate for a recital or a concert, as well.

If you have a Marilyn Monroe fan, then you can line a basket with her pictures and fill the basket with heart-shaped chocolates, chocolate lips, rose buds and diamond-shaped chocolates. Fluted diamond chocolate molds are very easy to find in good kitchen supply stores, and make the chocolates look very professional. You can also find a great assortment of chocolate molds online at The rates are very reasonable, and there are pages of choices, included a clever chess set (which of course, one would make with dark and white chocolate).

Holidays Are the Best Times for Chocolate Molds

The holidays are the only times of the year that you’re expected to indulge in sweets; the rest of the year, weight concerns usually curbs your appetite for chocolate. Halloween is an especially sweet time of the year, and using chocolate molds, you can make your ghoulish spread a hit at your next Halloween party. Thinking outside the usual witches and ghosts theme, get a little more creative and abstract: Halloween is in the Fall, so get molds shaped like leaves (experiment with white chocolate and food coloring, as well). Cats are also popular in Halloween.

Christmas is another time, when you’re practically forced to eat chocolate. Again, there are the traditional chocolate molds of Santa, reindeer and snowflakes (which would lovely made with white chocolate), but again try a little harder when looking to make candy yourself – make white chocolate candy canes, with painted-on stripes of red food coloring; like the Marilyn suggestion, use diamond-shaped molds, and ring shaped molds, as well (again, using white chocolate allows for a lot of creativity).

Chocolate molds can be a great extension of your creativity and prowess as a party planner, so remember that you can go all out, and get as crazy as you want – just be creative.

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