How To Make A Chocolate Strawberry

There are not many chocolate treats that can match the combination of flavors as those experienced when one bites into a chocolate strawberry. The tartness and yet sweetness of a juicy strawberry covered with a sweet chocolate makes the taste buds come alive.

Often a chocolate strawberry is synonymous with being an aphrodisiac. Although no scientific information is available to confirm this belief, chocolate has been proven to increase the energy levels of an individual who consumes the delicious treat.

When wishing to provide a chocolate strawberry treat that the whole family can enjoy, rather than going to the nearest sweet shop and paying an inflated price, consider making a chocolate strawberry treat at home. This can be easily accomplished by selecting the right ingredients and following easy directions.


The two ingredients that make a chocolate strawberry are chocolate and strawberries. When selecting strawberries it is important to use strawberries that are large and are not over ripe. When selecting chocolate you can use an expensive variety or simply purchase a package of chocolate bits or chips.

In addition to these two ingredients to make your chocolate strawberry, it is important to have other tools available to help in the process. These tools include waxed paper, a cookie sheet, a mixing bowl, rubber spatula and a microwave.


Before beginning the process of making your chocolate strawberry, it is important to rinse off the strawberries and then dry the fruit by simply patting them with a paper towel. It is critical that the strawberries are completely dry as any water that finds its way into the chocolate will spoil the process.

Then, place the unpackaged chocolate into the mixing bowl and place into the microwave on the highest setting for around 30 seconds. As the chocolate is being melted, cover your cookie sheet with a layer of waxed paper.

Following the 30 seconds of microwaving remove the glass bowl and stir the chocolate contents with the rubber spatula. To ensure that the chocolate is completely melted, place the glass bowl back into the microwave and repeat the microwaving one additional time. Stir again the mixture with the rubber spatula. The resulting chocolate mixture should give the appearance of being like a chocolate creamy soup.

You're now ready to begin dipping the strawberries into the chocolate mixture. Taking the strawberry by the leafy area or by the stem, dip the strawberry into the chocolate and turn the fruit so that all sides are evenly covered with the chocolate mixture. Then, pull the strawberry out of the chocolate and allow any excess chocolate to drip off back into the mixing bowl.

After completing this step simply place the chocolate strawberry on to the wax paper that is lining the cookie sheet. After all of the strawberries have been dipped into the chocolate, place the cookie sheet aside and allow the chocolate to set for a couple of hours.

The last instruction, in making a chocolate strawberry, is to enjoy the treat.

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