The Best Kind of Favor, the Edible Kind! The Joys of a Chocolate Wedding Favor

A great way to make your guests remember your wedding fondly is to have great wedding favors – the best kind is a chocolate wedding favor. Depending on the theme and look of your wedding, choosing a great chocolate wedding favor is an excellent way to send your guests off with a smile on their face and a sweet treat in their stomachs.

Jordan Almonds Are Lovely, Chocolate is Meant to Be Eaten

Jordan almonds are the perennial favorite for wedding favors – they look very pretty, but eating one is like chewing a bullet. A better alternative would be to get candy-coated chocolate almonds; same idea, but a much more appetizing execution. It’s understandable that planners sometimes avoid a chocolate wedding favor because it can be messy, so a great suggestion for serving chocolate almonds, would be a tiny, attractive box filled with a few.

A Tiffany’s theme is also very popular (using the store’s famed signature colors on the décor). You can push that theme even further by serving chocolate diamonds and jewelry in small boxes. Chocolate rings are easy to find, as are gem-shaped chocolates; getting them in white, an dyed is an added source of creativity because they will look like real boxes of jewels (and depending on the values of the guests a lot sweeter).

Using Valentine’s Day candy as a chocolate wedding favor is also a great idea, because not only do couples marry on the holiday but the two have much in common. Springing off the chocolate jewels idea, you can also combine those with chocolate hearts and chocolate lips and arrange them in small sampler boxes. The boxes should be elegant and pretty, so that the guests have a lovely memento of your special day.

You can also get a little more metaphorical and abstract with your chocolate wedding favor. For example, having swans or doves is a great idea, because both birds represent love and affection. If the wedded couples have a specific theme, such as an Elvis theme, than small chocolate guitars or musical notes is also a fun idea; a Hollywood themed wedding could be topped off with small chocolate Oscars, stars, as well as, the chocolate jewels from the Tiffany’s suggestion.

A great chocolate wedding favor is not only a gift to thank your guest for participating in your special day, but also a great way to show off your planner’s creativity, or your own planning prowess.

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