The History And Uniqueness Of Lindt Chocolate

Tradition states that the cocoa bean was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus following his discovery of the soon to be wonderful treat know as chocolate. However, the Aztecs consumed cocoa bean as part of a drink that was derived from cocoa seeds. These seeds were roasted over a fire and were mixed with other spices. The resulting mixture provided a bitter, but flavorful beverage.

The Aztecs revered the drink and it was such an expensive commodity, that the poor, because of the cost, were not able to enjoy this drink. In fact, the early Spanish conquerors did not appreciate the taste of cocoa, but traded cocoa beans for Aztec gold.

Cocoa beans have evolved in their use and popularity since those early days. From the early drink derived from cocoa beans, a number of products made from the cocoa bean have been manufactured. One of those products is chocolate and one of the premier chocolate manufacturing companies is Lindt Chocolate.

History Of Lindt Chocolates

The beginnings of Lindt Chocolate, as a Swiss based chocolate manufacturing company, began in 1845. Originally, the company originated with Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann and his son, David Sprüngli-Schwarz, in the city of Zurich. Their success came from manufacturing chocolate based on an Italian recipe for preparing the chocolate product in an edible solid form.

Eventually, the father retired and left the retail stores to his youngest son David and the chocolate factory to Johann, his oldest son. Under Johann the factory went through a successful expansion including the use of up to date equipment of the day. Being a visionary, he realized that his current assets would not allow for further expansion of the chocolate manufacturing factory. Therefore, to raise the needed capital, a conversion of his company was made. Simultaneously, during this expansion, he was given the opportunity of purchasing a well-known chocolate factory whose owner’s name was Rodolphe Lindt. In addition to receiving the property he also purchased the rights to the Lindt chocolate recipe.

This recipe coupled with the manufacturing process distinguished the chocolate not only in its taste, but its aroma and texture. Lindt Chocolate has survived a number of legal, economical, and significant world events. Above all, Lindt Chocolate has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of fine chocolate.

Packaging Of Lindt Chocolates

In addition to the distinguishing flavor of Lindt Chocolates, another unique feature is the packaging of Lindt Chocolate. This exceptional packaging is represented by a foil wrapping that encases the chocolate. Unlike other manufacturers of chocolate, who simply surround their chocolate with their packaging, Lindt Chocolate foil wraps their chocolate and seals the foil packaging around their product.

Also, the paper wrapper that folds over the foil encloses the entire chocolate product and protects even the ends of the chocolate bar. This care taken to protect the chocolate product ensures that moisture and other possible harmful substances are kept away from the product.

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