What Do You Know About Luxury Chocolates?

Chocolates – the word itself brings a smile on anyone’s face. This is one of the things that is adored by people the world over, without barriers of age, gender or cultural diversity. Everybody simply loves a bar of chocolate. This is why chocolates are also accepted as universal gifts. They can be offered at any occasion by anyone to anyone. Just as flowers, chocolates are excellent for all occasions – from the most special to the friendly encounter.

A Blessing Called Luxury Chocolate

Luxury chocolates are just as the name implies – items of luxury. They are expensive, they are excellent, and they are special. No matter where you and how you are, if you have some luxury chocolates on you, you will feel like you own the world. There are a wide variety of chocolates that come under the umbrella of luxury chocolates – check it out and learn to recognize them.

1. Dark chocolate – this is often known as the choicest luxury chocolate, owing to its special bitter-sweet taste and rich flavor. The cocoa solid content in this luxury chocolate is about 75 per cent, the rest being milk, cream, sugar and other ingredients.

2. Milk chocolate – this type of chocolate is the most common of all. You will find it in all shapes, sizes and budgets. For it to become luxury chocolate, it has to be made out of specially procured ingredients which would make it the best available in the world. This has less cocoa solids as its ingredient, and hence it is usually prone to melt faster at room temperature (24-26 degrees Centigrade).

3. White chocolate – this is actually a later addition to the list of luxury chocolates. This has the least of cocoa solids and can be exceedingly demanding while preparing chocolate bars. However, the taste of this chocolate (like all other luxury chocolates) is something that you would not forget in a hurry.

4. Chocolate glace and couverture – these are the main ingredients that go into the making of the luxury chocolate items. You will find these in exclusive shops and specialist suppliers. This is what you can use to make a special batch of handmade chocolate that will leave everyone wonder about the secret ingredient. This can also be used as a cover for chocolate cakes and for special decorations of cookies.

5. Chocolate chips – these are a must-have in any special cake or cookie. They are available in all types, white, dark and milk chocolate to match whatever you want it add it to.

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