A Couple Brings Together Religion and Merckens Chocolates: A Profile of High Tides Chocolate

Merckens chocolates are a popular choice by independent chocolate-makers, and nothing is more independent than using chocolates to promote Biblical themes. South Carolina couple Brian and Susan Kennedy is the proprietor of High Tides Chocolate, a private-owned company that uses Merckens chocolates exclusively in its products.

High Tides’ Use of Merckens Chocolates is Heavenly

The company prides itself on bringing its core Christian beliefs to its products, and customers interested in offering loved ones a sweet gift with a divine theme should look over High Tides products.

High Tides uses Merckens chocolates to fashion treats that are at once sacred and witty. Thankfully eschewing gaudiness or tackiness, these chocolates are definitely not ironic kitsch, but a sincere way to gift chocolates with a religious theme.

Included in the catalogue is a chocolate rendering of the Last Supper, the iconic Praying Hands, the Fishes and Crosses, and the ubiquitous WWJD in chocolate letters. The prices are very reasonable – most under $10 each and the candy can be made in either dark or milk chocolate. Also available is a chocolate plaque, resembling stain glass of a cross, with the words “God Be with You.” While not strictly religious, High Tides Chocolate offers a range of inspirational messages in chocolate, as well.

There’s More Than Just Religion at High Tides Chocolate

While the company’s owners are proudly spiritual, there are other products available, all made with Merkcens chocolates, that are not religious, at all.

For example, there is a whimsical chocolate tackle box, complete with fisherman’s tools all made of chocolate that sells for a very reasonable $10.00. Also, for parents, there are chocolate letters that spell “Mom” or “Dad” much like the WWJD chocolate. Like most suppliers, High Tides also sells samplers – the company’s priciest products, at still reasonable prices of under $20.00.

Much like the religious themed candy, there are funny molded chocolates for the secular crowd, as well. For example, an adorable chocolate bear holding a balloon on a pretzel rod. $6.00 will get you half a dozen of these cute treats. A little more enigmatic, but no less pleasing are the chocolate Sea Island turtles made with liquid caramel and a pecan nut.

High Tides’ owner Brian Kennedy has bought the domain name of Merckens, and one can visit the Website to read more about Merckens chocolates and High Tides Chocolate.

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