While Milk Chocolate is Popular, it is Not the Only Chocolate Choice

Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats in the world. When one purchases chocolate, be it as a gift or just as a tasty snack, it has been noted that milk chocolate is the preferred type of chocolate. One cannot enter a chocolate store at any given time of the year and not find a milk chocolate product prominently displayed. While milk chocolate is delicious, and goes along well with other fillings such as nuts, there are also many other types of chocolate available.

The Many Alternatives to Milk Chocolate

The first alternative to milk chocolate is that of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is most often seen in chocolate boxes that are to be given as gifts during Valentine’s Day. It is actually a flavorfully stronger version of milk chocolate, and works especially well in cakes if one is looking for a nice dessert.

Bittersweet chocolate is a great option for people who like the strong taste of dark chocolate, but want to try a chocolate that is completely different than that. As a result, this is a great chocolate for desserts such as chocolate truffles and tarts.

Semisweet chocolate is the right choice for people who want to try a dessert with a nice, pure chocolate taste, but do not want to be overwhelmed by it. This kind of chocolate is great for desserts like cookies and chocolate mousse. It also makes for a very nice chocolate sauce.

For chocolate that is ideal for elegant desserts, try white chocolate. White chocolate is known for being the kind of chocolate with the sweetest taste. This kind of chocolate goes quite well with different kinds of fruits, making it a great summer treat when raspberries are in season. White chocolate is especially delicious as a filling for truffles.

While there are several types of chocolate that make for great alternatives to milk chocolate, there are also a variety of specialty chocolate ingredients that one can choose from. These ingredients include chocolate extract, cocoa nibs, and the popular chocolate chips.

To find the best type of chocolate, one should visit a local chocolate store, where oftentimes samples are given. Just be sure to be aware of any food allergies that one might have, especially to nuts, as many types of chocolates contain them. Indeed, there are many alternatives to milk chocolate, and all of them are excellent in their own way.






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